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The Premium Patent & Exclusivity Addendum for the FDA Orange Book

. . . since there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hands!  Great for the "Internet-challenged" or for situations when an Internet connection is not available. Also great if you just like to have a book to page through!
What Is the Orange Book Companion Book Set?
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What's the Orange Book Companion Two-Volume Book Set?

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The Orange Book Companion two-volume book set is an 800+ page reference containing highly enhanced patent and exclusivity information for FDA-approved drugs. It combines data from six different sources, so you do not need to look at each source individually to get the full picture for a product.

The Orange Book Companion two-volume book set has the following features or information:

Download Samples of the 2002 Edition

Download a 2002 Edition sample of: to see the wealth of information that can be at your fingertips with a purchase of the Orange Book Companion two-volume book set.

Free Updates Each Month!

The Orange Book Companion two-volume book set will not get out of date as the months go by. Each month, for the remainder of the Orange Book fiscal year for the edition that was purchased (generally February through January), every purchaser will receive an update to the Trademarks list in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for easy printing via email. This update will have two parts: Customers who make their purchase after the beginning of an Orange Book year will receive via email all the month-to-month updates that were published up to that point in addition to the latest cumulative update. They will then routinely be sent the monthly updates.

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